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Stage-variations of anandamide hydrolase activity in the mouse uterus during the natural oestrus cycle

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Journal of Experimental & Clinical Assisted Reproduction20063:3

  • Received: 28 November 2005
  • Accepted: 30 March 2006
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Recent studies have demonstrated that the endogenous cannabinoids are important modulators of fertility in mammals. In particular, a role of the endocannabinoid system in early stages of embryo development, oviductal transport of embryos, pregnancy maintenance and labour has been demonstrated in rodents and/or in humans. In the present paper, we report the analysis of FAAH activity and protein content in the mouse uterus as a function of the natural oestrus cycle stages. Variations of FAAH activity are discussed in relationship to changes in sex steroid levels and to the possible action of AEA on remodelling of uterine tissues.