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Serum estradiol/progesterone ratio on day of embryo transfer may predict reproductive outcome following controlled ovarian hyperstimulation and in vitro fertilization

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Journal of Experimental & Clinical Assisted Reproduction20074:1

  • Received: 07 November 2006
  • Accepted: 19 March 2007
  • Published:



To determine whether estradiol-to-progesterone (E2/P) ratios at the time of embryo transfer (ET) have an effect on implantation and pregnancy in IVF cycles.


239 women consecutively treated by IVF or ICSI were retrospectively analyzed and early luteal serum E2 and P were measured on the day of ET. Transfer occurred after a variable in vitro culture period ranging from 4–7 days after ovulation induction (OI). Following ET, serum E2/P ratios were calculated for clinical pregnancies, preclinical abortions and non-coneption cycles.


Receiver-operator curve analysis demonstrated that the E2/P ratio could differentiate between clinical pregnancies and non-pregnant cycles (area under the curve on OI +4 days = 0.70; 95% CI = 0.60–0.80; p = 0.003, on OI +5 days = 0.76; 95% CI = 0.64–0.88; p = 0.001, OI +7 days = 0.85; 95% CI = 0.75–0.96; p < 0.0001).


These retrospective data may hold prognostic value regarding endometrial receptivity as reflected by E2/P measurements and may help improve IVF treatment outcome. Further prospective studies should be undertaken to confirm these obersveration.